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from linearized augmented plane waves
to maximally localized Wannier functions

By J. Kuneš, P. Wissgott, and E. Assmann
v2.0.0: user's guide .zip .tar.gz
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is an interface program between Wien2k and Wannier90 to obtain maximally localized Wannier functions from Wien2k calculations.


is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. In addition, we ask that you cite

J. Kuneš, R. Arita, P. Wissgott, A. Toschi, H. Ikeda, and K. Held,
Comp. Phys. Commun. 181, 1888 (2010), arXiv:1004.3934
in any publications arising from the use of wien2wannier. For details see the file COPYING.


2.0.0 is included in the WIEN2k_16.1 distribution; to use it, simply install the latest Wien2k version. -specific documentation is included in SRC_w2w/.

This version introduces backward-incompatible changes in the format of case.inwplot. Several outdated options have been removed (see NEWS for a description of the changes, and SRC_templates/case.inwplot for an example), as has write_inwplot.

The new script checkinwplot converts old-style input files. x wplot calls this script automatically.

In spin-polarized cases, x w2w -up|-dn now expects separate input files case.inwfup and case.inwfdn.

For some other enhancements and bugfixes in this release, see the file NEWS included in the distribution.

For their valuable comments on past versions we thank

Marc Höppner, Hong Jiang, Okan Köksal, Gernot Kraberger, Laurence Marks, Oleg Rubel, Liang Si, Yundi Quan, Ulrich Wedig, Jiaxu Yan, Jianxin Zhu, Manuel Zingl


Questions relating to the usage of should be sent to the Wien2k mailing list. For Wannier90 and the MLWF procedure, there is a separate mailing list.

Bug reports, patches, etc. can be submitted through GitHub.